Are you looking for the best mid-century dining room ideas?

Mid-century style is full of clean lines, curved chairs, and abstract art. These rooms can be bright or neutral, depending on your tastes.

If you’re ready to decorate or remodel, try any of these 8 looks for a mid-century space fit for entertaining.

1.Install a Sputnik Light Over the Table

Install a Sputnik Light Over the Table

If you’re decorating a mid-century modern dining room, forget the chandeliers and long pendant lights. Instead, go for a modern sputnik-style light like shown above.

Sputnik lights are mid-century staples. They feature a center globe with many extending arms, each holding a light bulb.

2.Choose a High-Quality Dining Set

Choose a High-Quality Dining Set

Your dining table can make or break the look of your room. Fortunately, a wood or metal table with clean lines is all you need for mid-century style.

This table is a mixture of hardwoods and engineered wood with a walnut veneer. It’s extendable, so you can make it larger whenever you host dinner parties. You can dress it up or down depending on the chairs you choose.

3.Pick a Chair with Curves

Pick a Chair with Curves

A common theme among mid-century modern furniture is curved lines – this holds true for dining chairs.

You can use upholstered curved chairs like these from CB2 at the ends of your table. Then, add simple chairs along the sides. This works great if you like a mix and match look.

4.Pull in Contrast with a Rug

Pull in Contrast with a Rug

If you like color in your mid-century modern dining room or want to contrast the lightness of your table, pull in a rug. You can use a simple rug like this one from Lulu and Georgia.

This rug is flatweave wool, so it’s great for high-traffic areas. The dark colors will go with any existing color scheme.

5.Fill the Wall with Abstract Art

Fill the Wall with Abstract Art

Abstract and geometric art is the perfect mid-century modern dining room decor. So, if you have wall space that you need to fill in, consider a large painting.

You can order a print like this one. You could also get a large canvas and paint your own.

6.Add Storage with a Curvy Console

Add Storage with a Curvy Console

Do you need a place to store extra drinkware or serveware? If so, solve the problem by adding a storage console like this.

This console is perfect for small spaces. It’s made of mango wood and even has a slot on the back if you want to run cords out of it. It has three doors, so there’s plenty of space to store your extras.

7.Use a Round Table for a Small Room

Use a Round Table for a Small Room

Finding a good dining table can be a chore if you have a small room. Luckily, round tables work perfectly with mid-century design.

This travertine table  is 48 inches in diameter and comfortably seats four to six people. Its neutral top and bottom lend it to even the most colorful dining room setups.

8.Adorn Your Table with a Unique Vase

Adorn Your Table with a Unique Vase

If you need a centerpiece idea for your mid-century dining room, try a vase like this one. This ceramic vase gives the appearance that it’s several pieces stacked together, ready to tumble over.

Other good vase options include white ceramic and any geometric shapes. You can fill your vases with simple stems or whatever plants are currently in season.