There are many ways that cool new hip hop wall art can change your living space. From a splash of color to a classy black and white celebration of a master, hip hop wall decor can dramatically alter the mood, change the tone, or shape the conversation in your space.

Here are seven hip hop art pieces for your wall:

Air Jordan by Wegs.Art

Wegs is known for this psychedelic artwork that combines familiar items with a collage of cartoon imagery. In this piece, Wegs grabs the iconic Jordan 1 Retro and complicates it with equally iconic cartoons. He does this all in a bright and vivid palate that makes this hip hop wall art the perfect accent for your room or studio.

Pray for Hope by R.S. Artist

If you have a bright and colorful room or one that can otherwise use a touch of class, nothing can beat black and white. When that black and white is hip hop wall art featuring the incomparable Tupac, it’ll change any space for the better.

Ferarri F40 by Konji

The perfect balance between masculine and feminine, hard and soft, and machine and nature, this powerful piece by Konji is ideal for your space. Surrealist and poetic, Ferrari F40 is beautiful hip hop wall décor.

Hip Hop Wall Art air Jordan Sneaker Print

Hip Hop Wall Art Mickey Supreme Print

Hip Hop Wall Art Tupac Shakur Graffiti Print

Nipsey Hussle by Nuwarhol

This piece is a visual tribute to the legendary rapper. This pop art celebrates his life and the success he embodied to inspire others. Besides his countless fans and hip hop music lovers, this is a great wall art piece for anyone who believes in the power of hard work, self-determination, rising against all odds, and above all, communal prosperity – in which Nipsey dearly believed in and supported actively.

Igor by Bambashkart

Part surrealist and part psychedelic, Bambashkart’s Igor takes you on a mind-expanding journey. With a head full of flowers and a bluebird on his joint, Igor is a playful and cool piece of hip hop wall art that will liven up any room.

LeBron James by Kelley Jackson

Your hip hop wall art can also celebrate the heroes of the court, like in this dramatic piece by Kelley Jackson. With a vivid color palette, this portrait of LeBron will leap off of your wall, letting everyone know that you honor greatness.

Giannis Antetokounmpo by Jay X Clay

A completely different approach to honoring a basketball legend, this cool hip hop infused wall art by Jay X Clay renders Giannis Antetokounmpo as a marble statue of the Greek God he is. In black and white against a vivid red and purple backdrop, the “Greek Freak” is literally chiseled from stone.

These are just a snapshot of what’s featured in our hip hop wall art collection. These pieces are the perfect way to personalize your living space or any space.