If you’re looking for an L-shaped rug for your kitchen, you’ll usually find them in sets of two.

In these sets, one of the rugs looks like a long runner, and the other is closer to the size of a welcome mat. You put the two together to create the L-shape you need.

Occasionally, you can find L-shape rugs that come in one piece, but these aren’t nearly as easy to find.

If you’re looking for the best options, try any of these corner rugs for your kitchen.

1.Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Buffalo Check

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Buffalo Check

If your kitchen is modern or farmhouse style, consider these buffalo check two-piece rugs. They come in black and white or red and black.

The rugs are a microfiber material with a non-skid backing. The material absorbs liquid and then quickly dries. And when these rugs get dirty, you can toss them in your washing machine, and they’ll come out good as new.

2.Bring in Texture with Jute

Bring in Texture with Jute

Are you looking for a mold and mildew-resistant L-shaped corner kitchen rug? Try this jute version.

This rug is a natural material that won’t mold, even if it repeatedly gets wet. It’s also reversible, so you can use it on an inside or outside corner in your kitchen.

3.Keep it Neutral

Keep it Neutral

If you’re looking for a rug purely for practical reasons, try a simple neutral rug like this. This rug is super-absorbent, so it’s great to use by your sink or stove.

You can find this rug in two colors: gray and brown. The material is stain-resistant, slip-proof, and washable.

4.Show Off Your Style with a Geometric Flower Print

Show Off Your Style with a Geometric Flower Print

Do you need an ergonomic mat to provide some relief to your feet and back? This flower-printed geometric mat can help.

This rubber anti-fatigue mat is slip-resistant, easy to wash, and eco-friendly. The colors are shades of gray and white, so this will look good in most kitchens.

5.Try an Inexpensive Two Piece Set

Try an Inexpensive Two Piece Set

If you’re looking for l shaped kitchen runners that won’t break the bank, try one of these.

This two-piece kitchen runner set comes in nine designs. The rugs are washable and non-skid. If these get dirty, you can throw them in your washing machine and clean them on the cold cycle. Then, you can tumble dry on low.

6.Keep it Simple with a Solid Color

Keep it Simple with a Solid Color

If you like to keep your kitchen minimal or neutral, forget the patterns and choose a solid colored rug.

This kitchen runner set from Wayfair comes in five colors: gray, black, brown, red, and blue. The rugs are waterproof and anti-fatigue, perfect for homeowners who spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning.