Over the past few years, the farmhouse style has seen a renaissance. People have lined their walls with shiplap, stocked up on sliding barn doors, and filled their homes with rustic furniture. Of course, this is just one way to pull off the farmhouse style. And if you prefer your home to feel a little less sleek—and a little more styled—antique farmhouse décor may be the style for you.

Set the Scene With Rustic Ceilings

A rustic farmhouse kitchen with a wood-lined ceiling

When crafting an antique farmhouse interior, use your space as a starting point. Look for structural elements that have been covered up over the years, and work to expose them. That could mean leaving brick walls unpainted, exposing wood structural beams, or maintaining centuries-old hardwood floors.

“There is so much wonderful history to farmhouses, and every original element should be repurposed if possible,” Brackett says.


Upcycle Old Pieces

A set of rustic wood cabinets, topped by a vintage mirror that's been painted white

One of the key things that differentiate antique farmhouse décor from more general farmhouse décor? The emphasis on antiques, obviously. So, instead of throwing out your oldest pieces, look for ways to give them new life.

“Antiques bring so much warmth and charm to a house,” Brackett says.

And don’t worry about curating pieces from the same era. Brackett specifically recommends “repurposing antiques from different periods” for a layered, textured look.


Embrace the Appeal of a Distressed Paint Job

A rustic wooden cabinet, covered with a coat of chipped pastel blue paint

In other design styles, chipped paint may be a reason to throw out a piece of furniture. But in antique farmhouse décor, wear is welcome.

“I like an early primitive wood table or set of drawers that show its age with beauty—worn wood corners softened over the years of handling,” Moyer says. So embrace your worn-in pieces—and let them add texture to the rest of your space.


Craft a Side Table From Old Crates

Two small wooden crates, which are stacked to act as a side table in a living room

The farmhouse style is great about transforming functional pieces—like farm tools and egg baskets—into furniture and décor. Of course, figuring out how to repurpose pieces like this may take some time and effort. But, one classic way to do it is to snag an old wooden crate and use it as a piece of furniture.


Play With Traditional Patterns

A bedroom filled with antique wood furniture and and traditional patterns (like stripes and florals)

Antique farmhouse décor is all about layering textures, but those textures don’t necessarily have to be tactile. By sprinkling in a few traditional prints and patterns, you can add visual texture to your space. Brackett recommends keeping an eye out for classic options, “like small-scale florals and buffalo checks.”