So much time is usually spent picking out the perfect sofa for your living room. Usually, you want to make sure it reflects your personal style perfectly. Often overlooked is the prime space above the sofa that can really make your sitting room stand out. Like any empty space sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to utilise and execute your ideas flawlessly. Because of this, we’ve compiled 5 unique ways to fill the space above your sofa and showcase your personality through your decor.

An Oversized Mirror

That huge space above your sofa can be used to create faux space in your living room. Placing a large mirror above your sofa is an easy way to create a functional focal point and infuse some drama into your living room. Mirrors can help you generate the same effect as a window and can be an aesthetically pleasing way to break up your empty wall space. As well as opening up your space, a mirror is great if your living area is dark and you want to inject more light into the room.

Gallery Wall

The space above your sofa is the perfect place for a curated gallery wall. Galleries are a simple and chic way to instil some of your own personality into a room. All you need is some frames and a collection of your favourite prints, photos or artwork. There’s no exact science to a gallery wall except using your own creativity and initiative. Obviously, it makes things easier to plan out the style and placing of frames but this can easily be done with tape. The great thing is, you can place and match things however you want and constantly add more.

A Large Painting

Rather than opting for many pieces, consider choosing one large feature painting in the space above your sofa. Doing this can be extremely beneficial for your space and enhance the tone and mood in that room. Additionally, large artworks give a more polished feel to your space and can definitely add the finishing touches to your living room. Consider shopping around for one piece of statement artwork that you really love, then sticking to that. 

A Rustic Clock

The term rustic can be used to describe anything from farmhouse to Tuscan decor. The great thing is, you don’t need to live in an actual log cabin to inject it into your home. A simple way to install some earthy charm into the empty space above your sofa is opting for a rustic style clock. Rustic clocks are usually wooden and hand-made and are designed to feel cosy and homely. Which is exactly what your living room should feel like. 

Suspended Shelving 

You’ve probably seen suspended shelving used in modern kitchens. These are usually inserted for functionality however, they can offer up a stylish alternative to standard shelving. Using suspended shelving behind your sofa can give your living room a modern industrial style and is a beautifully unique way to display your living room decor.