Whenever you think of Zen, what immediately comes to mind is a calm, meditative, and relaxing place composed largely of harmonious environments. It’s a place to quiet your mind and rejuvenate your physical body. Combine that with the functions of a bathroom, and you can totally achieve your own spa. That’s why today, let’s talk about these objects you need to create a Zen bathroom.

If you really think about it, the bathroom is the perfect place to go all out with Zen decor. It’s where some of us love to relax and unwind, while enjoying a long and warm soak in the tub.

That’s probably why learning how to create a Zen bathroom for yourself is so popular.

How Create a Zen Bathroom

Whether you love to enjoy understated and nature-inspired colors, or just adore Asian-themed interior decor, you definitely can cultivate your own calming atmosphere inside the bathroom. Because there’s no denying that Zen bathrooms are lovely, welcoming, and relaxing.

Let’s look at these 5 objects that will help you create a Zen bathroom, so you can achieve ultimate relaxation within your own bathroom.

#1 Invest in rustic wood decor

Image Credit: The Spruce

Zen decor uses a lot of natural and rustic materials, because it’s all about drawing closer to the Earth. So find ways to incorporate rustic or distressed wooden elements in your bathroom.

Maybe install it as a sink, use it in wooden benches, or perhaps consider a wooden mat to mark the entrance to your bathroom. You can also use large pieces of rough wood as a countertop for vessel sinks.

Wood is simply sanded and sealed to avoid splintering. But otherwise, it’s left to its natural state. After all, Zen is all about taking full advantage of natural materials and creates beauty from ordinary things.

#2 Bring in greenery

Image Credit: My Desired Home

Whether it is big or small, to create a Zen bathroom, you’re going to need to bring greenery in. Some bathrooms are lucky enough to have a garden view overlooking the tub.

But for the rest of us, bringing in potted plants, succulents, or a cute bonsai tree can be a great addition to creating the tranquil space you want.

#3 Get a Zen stool

Image Credit: Delaware Today

Perfect for meditation. And the best part is that you can DIY a Zen stool, or purchase one at your local store (or the internet). If you’re going to do it yourself, you can make it inexpensively as long as you’ve got the right tools (saws, screwdrivers, and from recycled materials). No one says you need all-out Zen interior style to create a Zen bathroom with the right vibe.

Mix and match some elements, and the Zen stool is an addition you can’t go without.

#4 Simple objects

Image Credit: The Spruce

A defining feature of Zen bathrooms is their simplicity. Think simple lines, simple colors, and simple decor. This is a good example of simplicity. Just black and white, with lots of transparent glass. It’s clean, and there’s a contemporary freestanding tub. All the lines in it are necessary. Nothing more and nothing less.

#5 Wall decor

Panel Wall Art features lots of wall art designs that feature nature and would definitely match the Zen bathroom vibes that you’re going for.

In our forest and trees canvas art collection, you’ll find plenty of art that appeals to biophilic interior design. From gorgeous wild forests and free flowing waterfalls to images of aesthetically pleasing pictures of trees.

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