I would like to propose you not to take ourselves seriously this week !! I’m going to give you five ideas to have fun in your home decoration, to bring some surprising effects.

So my proposal is to bring some sense of humour in your decoration. So, of course, for me, decoration must be elegant, very stylish and with good taste. But on the contrary, I think that having a few details that bring some sense of humour is really a good idea.

# Idea 1 : a wallpaper 

A wallpaper can be very elegant, with material effects and with very subtle and sophisticated colors, but it can also be very fun. So my first proposal is just to choose one wall in your house. It could be the entrance, maybe in a corridor, in the TV room also, for example, but choose one wall where you could express yourself.

You could have a jungle wallpaper. You could have a wallpaper with big, very colorful flowers. It could be panoramic wallpapers, which reproduce a big picture. So this first idea of wallpaper is definitely my favorite one ! And if you change your mind after a few years, you can remove it easily.

# Idea 2 : a surprising fabric. 

On a chair, a sofa, or maybe just one ottoman.

So of course, when we talk about fabrics, there’re lots of them : it can be sophisticated fabrics and it can also be  fabrics with a surprising texture, with a fun color, or a surprising pattern, something really amazing.

It’s just a little thing, but it will bring some energy and some WOW effect and a different spirit in your decoration. 


# Idea 3 : decorate the toilets

I know that in Iceland, very often, the toilets are within the bathroom but if you’re lucky enough to have  separate toilets, it’s a great occasion, a great opportunity to have fun in this little space.

It’s small, it’s not risky, so it’s definitely the best place to surprise your guests and to be original. You can be creative in such a space, be bold and just have fun. It can be either with tiles, a wallpaper. It can be with bold colors. It can be the shape of the sink, which is more original.  It may be any decorative details that you may choose to add in this little space. So decorating toilets in an original and funny way is something easy also to do !


# Idea 4 : an unexpected or surprising object

It can be, for example, a very old fashioned lamp or object that you love. It can be also a vintage piece of furniture. For example, a wooden small cabinet can be painted it again with a surprising color or adding some colored stripes, or maybe you can glue some wallpaper on the drawers. You can change the handles to the feet of this cabinet. 

I’ve got, at home, a bear which is actually shelves.This is still elegant but it brings this wow effect which is so fun to live with.

It can be also a cactus, which is actually a coat hanger. There are so many things and designers have so much imagination. We all have a different sense of humour so having these fun objects will tell a lot about you.


# Idea 5 : to have fun on the walls

There’re a lot of paintings, of photos that you can find here

They’ve got a lot of photos with a very strong sense of humour. Sometimes it’s even black humor or some sarcastic humor.