What better way to enjoy the summer and the sun than with a party? So get ready. Start working on the decorations and make sure everything is just perfect. And if you really want the party to be special then you’ll have to put in a little more effort. We have some DIY party decoration ideas you might want to try.

DIY Signs.


Spring time outdoor gamesMake a party sign to let everyone know what it’s all about. You could get some of those vintage letters that light up and display them. You could, of course, make the letters yourself but it’s more complicated and takes some time.

Spring time outdoor games


If you really want to make a sign yourself, then try something simpler. Print out an image or a word. Then place it on a sturdy surface and position the projector on top of it. Turn on the projector and trace the outline of the image on a the wall covered with blank paper. Cut out the outline and hang your new sign.

You can also make smaller signs and use them to decorate the table and let everyone know what those goodies are. Make signs using embroidery hoops and chalkboard paint.


Decorate the glassware.


Spring time outdoor games

Here’s how you can turn some simple glasses from plain to chic. Tape off the bottom of each glass and stick some dots onto the bottom too. Cover the top of the glass with a bag. Spray paint the bottom of the glass with gold spray paint. Remove the tape.

You could also paint colored dots on the glasses using craft paint. First clean the glass with rubbing alcohol. Then dab on the polka dots and let the paint dry.

If you like glitter then you can make some wonderful projects. For example, you can cover the stemware of the glasses in glitter and then apply two glossy top coats to seal it. This way the glasses and the glitter will become washable.

You can use tape and craft paint to create all sorts of interesting designs for the glassware. For example, you can make stripes, polka dots of a combination of patterns.

Instead of using your fancy glasses for an outdoor summer party, you can make mason jar straw lids for cocktails and drinks. Drill a hole in the lid and slop a rubber grommet through the hole. Put a straw in it and that’s all