Halloween, it’s a fun time to dress up as something scary and eat plenty of sweets. Whatever you have in mind this year for trick or treating it’s a fantastic time of the year to make memories. So, putting the spooky Halloween spirit in your home should be just as fun. Below, we are bringing some of the most brilliant interior halloween decoration ideas we could find. Just a few touches of Halloween decor will go a long way in any home so get in the scary mood with our traditional yet fresh Halloween ideas.

As day turns to night, call on candles to cast an eerie glow throughout your home. When fierce silhouettes are propped above them, spectacular shadows dance across the walls. These are just some of the ideas for Halloween Decorations ready for a spook-tacular party and gathering! At the turn of the century, grownup ghouls loved to host over-the-top Halloween parties so, prepare for your pumpkins and candles.

1. Bedroom Interior Halloween Decorations

Rustic children's bedroom

Halloween brings lots of excitement for many. It’s a chance for you to go out of the way and just be your creative self. The same stands for your bedroom. You have to put some of your scary inner self in your bedroom decor!

Put on a Theme

This is the first thing which should come to your mind for your spooky bedroom decorations. You need to choose on a theme which describes your personal tatse. This theme can either be Pumpkins, Nightmare Before Christmas, Day of the Dead or any other idea you can think of, just stick with a colour theme!

Add some character to your pillows

Halloween bedroom decorations

Apart from making sure they are super comfortable, you also need to ensure you incorporate your Halloween theme to your cushions or throw pillows. This can be anything from your chosen color to the ultimate scary character. Try to be as literal as possible as this will take your bedroom Halloween decorations to a much better standard.

A Place to Relax

Crows and pumpkins decorations a blue armchair

(Image: Rachel @ Keeping up with the Jones family)

A place to sit and relax is always a good addition to any bedroom. Whether you’re decorating your own bedroom or for the younger ones you’ll want to make the most out of available space. You need to come up with proper sitting space for them or yourself. Just make sure the chair isn’t boring! Try one of our wingback chairs and spice them by adding some Halloween taste and indulge with decorative throws and decor.

Keep in mind, your bedroom decorations don’t have to be orange and black, you can incorporate all colours and this helps to add that modern look. Whatever your concept is just stick with it and go with it!

2. Vintage Interior Halloween Decorations

Carved Pumpkins

These orange favorites are not going out of style, EVER!. Different sized carved pumpkins around your home filled with candles is an easy win to create a spooky home. The only way to achieve this is by carving a scary pumpkin, put in some cool lights or tea lights and you have a breathtaking centre piece. This is a creative and subtle approach to impress your visitors.

Spooky Signs

Spooky Halloween sign

You can never go wrong with scary signs around the home. Superstitious warning signs always make for a good decoration, especially if one of your party guests are scared easily. So give your guests or trick or treaters a warning on their arrival then sit back and enjoy. Who knows you might end up with people running away!

Spooky Treats

You can never fail to please your guests with some delicious treats. This is an old and fair way to play your role into the hallow craze. It works every time so if you want to make a difference at this Halloween, you can count on this to do the bidding for you. It doesn’t matter how much creepy you make them look, just make sure they will tantalize the taste buds or you will ruin the fun.