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How To Design A Nursery That Reflects Joy and Style

Few home projects are as life-changing as decorating a nursery. Setting up the baby’s room and choosing nursery decor can feel like a daunting task, but try to relax and have fun with it. After all, the most important thing is that you create a space where you and your baby will be comfortable. With […]

Spring Home designing: Refresh Your Home’s Decor

The weather is beginning to warm and that means spring is here. After you’re done with your spring cleaning ritual, consider giving your space a quick refresh, to reflect the change of seasons. Follow our guide to welcome spring into your home. House Plants Winter is almost over, which means nature is in bloom. If you […]

Blank Wall Designing Tips That Liven Up Any Home

A large, blank wall is the perfect place to exhibit your design sensibility and your personal interests. So don’t let an empty wall go unadorned. Our senior designers have these suggestions for how to decorate a blank wall. Living Plant Wall If you have a blank wall in your home, then use it to show […]

What Are the Best Ideas for Contemporary Living Room Wall Decor?

It’s not a secret that choosing living room wall decor is one of the most difficult tasks. This room is the place, where you gather with your family and spend time with your guests. That’s why, a living room is often called “the face of home” and you need to decorate it with the items, […]

How to Make the Right Choice of Dining Room Wall Decor

Not all of us can boast of having a dining room. However, if you are a lucky owner of the one, you need to turn it into a cozy and welcoming place, where it’s a pleasure to gather with your family and friends. That’s why, you need to devote as much time to choosing dining […]

Bedroom Wall Decor: Fantastic Ways of Adding Charm to Your Bedroom

Bedroom is a special place at home. It’s the place, where you have a rest from work, studies and, even, your close people. The bedrooms aren’t considered as rooms for sleeping only. They are something more, like your personal shelter from the outer world. That’s why, you need to choose bedroom wall decor very carefully. […]

What Wall Hangings Are the Most Suitable for Rustic Wall Decor?

Paintings Guitar Paintings for Rustic Wall Decor If you consider adding large rustic wall decor, think about paintings. Paintings are timeless and are ideal for such a type of interior. The picture can be made not only on paper or canvas, but also on more unusual materials like wood or stone. Moreover, it’s not necessary […]

10 Beautiful Ideas of Metal Wall Decor for Modern Homes

Metal wall decor is getting more and more popular. You can’t even imagine how many cool things can be made of metal. It can be a tiny decoration or a huge wall art, which covers the entire wall. Moreover, metal items are universal tools for wall decoration as they are suitable for almost any room […]

How To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level: Great Ways To Upgrade Your Sleeping Quarters

Our bedrooms can be our sanctuary: a nest of nurturing where we get our recommended eight hours of sleep a night and can retreat to in the middle of the day when we need a calm oasis amid the chaos. The reality, however, is usually quite different. Our bedrooms can often take a backseat in comparison to […]

4 Ways To Enhance The Feng Shui Of Your Living Room

The living room serves as the center of your home—the place where family, friends, and guests can all feel at home. It’s where you unwind after a long day away at work, and where your worries melt away into the soothing comfort of your couch. Of the many rooms in your home, your living room should be […]