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Corner fireplace ideas – 8 cozy looks to make the most of an underused space

With the night’s drawing in and the days feeling a little chillier, it’s the time of year we start to pull out the extra throws, layer up the rugs, and light every candle we own. But nothing creates a cozy vibe quite like a fireplace. The warmth, the smell, the sound. However, for those of […]

Colors that go with yellow – the expert guide to decorating your home

Colors that go with yellow are an optimist’s secret design weapon. For it’s no secret that this eternally smiley hue will bring an everlasting dose of sunshine into your home, and knowing how to pair with a palette means you’re creating a space in which you can always be happy. When it comes to yellow, […]

Maximalism in interior design explained

To understand maximalism in interior design, the word itself contains a salient clue: decorate to the max. Of late, maximalist interiors have burst onto our feeds with a vengeance, like a proclamation that less isn’t more, it’s lackluster. What is it, exactly? You can’t miss a maximalist interior. They bloom with layers of texture, print, […]

Girl’s bedroom ideas for a chic space they will love

When it comes to girl’s bedroom ideas it’s all about creating a space that’s calming, creative, reflective of their personal style and taste and will grow with them as those tastes change. And as with any kid’s or teenager’s bedroom getting it right is no easy task, you need to get the storage spot on, […]

Small living room ideas – designs that prove tiny spaces can still be big on style

Small living room ideas can still be big on style, as all these beautiful, but modestly proportioned spaces prove… Small living rooms are often cozy but they have to work much harder than their more spacious counterparts. Layout, furniture, window dressings, flooring and accessories all carry extra weight in a smaller space and it’s more […]

Staircase lighting ideas – stylish ways to illuiminate your stairs

Staircase lighting ideas might not sound like the most thrilling of interior design decisions, but as all these looks prove, the right lighting can transform these dull, light-starved spaces into a real focal point. After all, staircases are potentially the most seen and most used parts of our home, and therefore deserve the attention we […]

White Walls – Morphing Pale Rooms Into Fresh, Interesting Spaces

White Walls – Celebrating the Pale and Interesting Source: Design Traveller White walls are perfect to add to or change your color scheme. This wall decal changes the look of this wall, turning it into an art piece. By adding a mirror, stencils, bright wallpaper on one wall, wall decor or bright furniture, you can change your […]

5 Blue And Grey Living Room Ideas

When deciding a color scheme for your living room, there are hundreds to choose from that may catch your eye. Picking the perfect look for your living space is crucial to the interior design of your home, and may seem like a somewhat daunting task! Don’t stress this too much, we’ve got you covered with […]

Accent Chairs – Cool Home Decor Using Accent Furniture

Decorating With Accent Furniture – The Arm Chair Source: via Lori on Pinterest The arm chair is an often under rated piece of accent furniture. Everyone focuses on a sofa to give a room its dramatic impact. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box! Maybe it’s time to rediscover the arm chair as an important piece of accent […]

How to Place a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are one of the most versatile and stylish furniture options for your living room. They’re exceptionally comfortable too, giving you endless reclining and lounging options. But the question is… What size rug should you use with a sectional sofa, and where should you place it? Today we’re going to show you exactly how […]