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7 Design Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your Small Bathroom

Who wants their bathroom to look smaller? Not us. We start and end our days there, we dive into self-care with a face mask and a bath there, and, even if it’s a tiny space, we want it to feel like the most relaxing spa we ever stepped foot in. So, if your bathroom isn’t quite on the level […]

How 6 Designers Convince Their Clients to Go Bold

Have you ever wondered how that designer convinced their client to spring for chartreuse drapery? That leopard wallpaper? Or that clashing-but-not-clashing accent pillow and sofa combination? We asked six designers how they convince clients to go bold with their design projects. Of course, most clients hiring a designer known for their daring use of color and fearless love of pattern […]

10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Modern Coastal Paradise

Modern design and coastal design may seem like a bit of an odd couple. After all, modern design is known for its crisp lines, bold shapes, and sleek minimalism. And coastal design—with its vibrant colors, beachy prints, and kitschy décor—is known for just the opposite. But, combine the two, and you end up with something […]

10 Fall Mantel Décor Ideas to Welcome the Season

As soon as the weather cools down, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than cuddled by the fireplace. And if you’re already spending so much time huddled around your hearth, it may as well be festive. The mantel is your living room‘s focal point so if you’re going to decorate any part of your home for fall, this […]

The Charming True Story of How Wishbone Chairs Took Over the Design World

Trends come and go, but some design elements remain iconic. From subway tile to shiplap, there’s a rich history behind your favorite décor ideas. Ever wonder how wishbone chairs started popping up in every dining room? Or want to know more about terrazzo tile? In our new series, we’ll dig into our favorite design-world icons […]

7 Vintage-Inspired Airbnbs That Have Us Dreaming of Our Next Trip

Now that we’re hitting the road and the skies again, we’ve found ourselves with a major case of design-fueled wanderlust. We want to see every city and every state—and we want an Instagram-worthy place to land while we’re at it. Big box décor won’t cut it, though. These spaces need to have an eye for the unique and […]

10 of the Best Decorating Lessons I Learned in My 20s

With my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, I’ve naturally been doing some major reflection. And in the spirit of looking back at everything I’ve learned in my 20s, I of course had to make note of all of the design-related tidbits I’ve gathered over the past 10 years, too. Admittedly, some of these takeaways are simply notes to […]

How to Make Your Small Entryway Look So Much Bigger

anyone who’s lived in a small space knows that sometimes, homes aren’t equipped with official entryways. In some apartments, the door opens into the kitchen or living room, and those looking to carve out an area to stash keys and check their reflection before heading out the door are forced to get a little creative. […]

Wait, What’s the Difference Between a Double Bed and a Queen Bed?

Beds come in different sizes. This isn’t news to anyone, even though few of us may know what the sizes actually mean. Twin beds are the skinny ones—we’ve got that. And king beds are the really wide ones. But double beds and queen beds? We know they’re bigger than twins and smaller than kings, but our […]

8 Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas to Create Your Dream Bedroom

You may be tempted to spend more time and effort decorating the rooms your guests will see, but neglecting your bedroom is a bad idea. After all, you spend nearly one-third of your entire life in your bedroom, so it’s important to make it cozy, tranquil, and welcoming. An unfinished bedroom can feel sparse and transitional, but […]