Does your haircare routine need a little shaking up?

Has anyone else seen the ‘Dress Up Not Down’ challenge circulating on social media? I’ve seen a few people the last while putting up posts about it and honestly? It’s heart-warming.

The idea is simple; With no real reason to dress up nowadays, it’s easy to get into a slump of tracksuits and lounge wear day after day. We’ve all become pros at the messy bun, or unwashed tangles look.

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But this challenge is about dolling up. Throwing on something that makes you feel good – whether that’s your favourite dress or a powersuit – doing a bit of makeup and showing up with some amazing hairstyle – washed AND blow-dried – before popping it up on social media.

Dressing up to feel a little bit of normality and a little more ourselves is something I’m always down for in these Covid times, and especially when it has prompted such an outpouring of positivity on social media. Body positivity and women supporting women are important and affirming causes to support in these times when we all need a little more positivity in our lives.

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We all need a little help to feel like ourselves again these days, which is why it’s so great that from the 16th of January to the 23rd the Peter Mark Hairdryer Sale is happening!

 Whilst salons are closed, there is no better time to perfect your blow-drying skills, all while supporting an Irish business. Whether it’s bouncy, sleek or voluminous styles, a quality hairdryer is the foundation for salon worthy results.

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But what’s even better is that the GHD Helios is included in the sale, the brand’s lightest and fastest professional hair dryer for ultimate styling control. The Helios range is available in a variety of colours including plum, ink blue and white and it uses advanced ionic technology to reduce frizz and flyaways giving a smooth salon-like finish.

We’re not sure if we’ll be able to choose between ETI’s expert range of hairdryers on sale, which includes the Stile Digitale Plus and Turbo Stratus 3800. The best part? ETI’s professional technology guarantees quick drying and styling even for thick and frizzy hair. A time and lifesaver!

Peter Mark salons have always been a part of Irish women’s journey to feeling good, ever since their early days on Grafton Street. With a dedicated focus on fabulous hair supported by world-renowned education system, there are few others we trust more with our haircare.

It’s time to feel good again and get out of that January slump! 

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