By Johnny Hoang July 18, 2020

Although Pantone has announced Ultra Violet as the color of the year, 2020 is guaranteed to be more colorful than that. From gentle sage and cooling mints, to pops of fiery reds and beaming yellows, it’s going to be one vibrant year indeed!

Greens Galore

Hot on the heels of Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, Greenery, here are some more refreshing greens that prove that this shade has earned its place in the house for yet another year, at least. From cooling mints to soft and muted sage, green in all its variation, can easily bring a calm and collected vibe that’s nowhere near boring.

Fiery Reds

From Caliente to Autumn Maple and Cherry Tomato Red. These shades of fire, when done right, can give off a red carpet atmosphere that makes people feel special. Striking and confident, but also pleasing and passionate, this hot hue is for you if you’re looking to make a bold and enviable statement this coming year.

The Shade of Wanderlust

This jewel-toned blue has been dubbed “the shade of wanderlust” by color experts, and we couldn’t agree more! Oceanside is lush and moody, but can easily be converted into cool and beach-y with the right accents. This bluish-green hue is both familiar and mysterious. And given people’s growing sense of adventure these days, who wouldn’t want that in the comfort of their homes?

Yellow Aglow

A bright space is always pleasing. It’s no wonder sunny spaces are back on trend. Muted butters to vivid mustards, these warm and pleasant shades of sunshine can inject uplifting and cheerful effects into any room. So be warned, get on this color craze, but only if you look forward to a brilliant and sunny year ahead!

Sophisticated Blush

Millenial Pink” as most like to call it, we still can’t seem to get enough of this soft and dusty rose color. Most people would think that this hue can only work during Spring/Summer, but Blush has proven its lasting charm throughout different seasons by effectively adding warmth during Fall/Winter. It’s also a more mature take on Pink, and is quite neutral so it plays well with other colors.

By Johnny Hoang July 18, 2020