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10 Interior and Exterior Door Ideas

Majestic Exterior Door in Brazilian Mahogany  Looking for door ideas that do justice to your home? We’ve got a picture gallery of great door ideas just for you. Pictured is a rich mahogany exterior door with raised panels, two side pieces, and glass insets. Manufacturer: AAW, Inc. Interior or exterior?: Exterior Door material: Brazilian mahogany Slab or […]

A Picture-Filled Guide to Packing Small Appliances Step by Step

Gather the Appliances to Pack  Gather and organize the small appliances you need to pack. Be aware of parts that are made of glass and fragile pieces. These should be packed more carefully.  If there’s a chance that you will not unpack or need certain appliances right away, plan to group these together in one or more […]

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Elements—in One Picture

If you want to remodel your home in the style of mid-century modern (MCM), incorporating the following elements will take you a long way towards your goal. The quintessential MCM-style living room from the early to mid-Sixties period would have included some of these things. Vaulted Ceiling With Exposed Beams  The prototypical MCM low-vaulted ceiling had exposed natural wood […]

Choosing the Right Interior Paint Finish for Your Home

Even after you’ve chosen the perfect color for a room, there’s another very important decision to make: the finish. With five or six different paint finishes to choose from, there are a lot of options, even within a single color, and with them comes a number of questions you’ll need to answer. The best advice is to […]

Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams  Close your eyes and imagine having a brand-new, remodeled bathroom shower with a clean, flawless shower pan and bright, gleaming walls. This is one dream that can be your reality with smart planning, optional DIY work, and of course, some money.  Many homeowners like you have felt the pain of dingy, non-functional showers, and they’ve […]