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Kitchen Wall Colors: Picture Gallery From Major Paint Manufacturers

Bright, Cheerful Lavender Kitchen Colors  Manufacturer Behr outright admits to this being a purple, but it’s not the kind of darker, grape-like purple you ordinarily imagine. It’s softened and turned friendly by the addition of tints. Not only that, the cabinets–a nice color called Cloud Nine–balance out the wall color. Nothing garish here at all. […]

Installing Wall Shelves Using Standards and Brackets

Wall Shelves Using Standards and Brackets  Wall shelves can be installed easily using metal standards and brackets. This hardware is readily available, inexpensive, strong, easy to install, and adaptable to a wide range of shelving options. Metal shelving standards and brackets can be used for bookcases, desks and other workspaces, media centers, and closet storage systems. These […]

How to Remove a Full Interior Wall (Non-Load Bearing)

Removing a Non-Load Bearing Wall  Before anything else, you need to determine whether or not this is a load-bearing interior wall. This guide concerns only interior walls that are not structurally supportive i.e. non-load bearing. If your wall is partial—one end stops in the middle of the room—instructions are slightly different. If the wall is not load-bearing, […]

15 Creative Nursery Wall Ideas

Show-Stopping Nursery Accent Walls  An empty nursery is like a blank canvas. With a little inspiration, you can create almost anything. Need a creative boost? Check out these show-stopping, DIY nursery wall ideas. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall  Bring rich, rustic appeal to your nursery with the worn textures of reclaimed wood. Not so handy with a power tool? […]

Discover Wall Germander and How It’s Used in Landscaping

The Shrubby Herb, Wall Germander a Useful Edging Plant, Bee Magnet  Wall germander (Teucrium chamaedrys or, alternately, Teucrium x lucidrys) is one of those old-fashioned plants that does not receive a lot of press nowadays. That unfortunate fact may be changing soon, however. With many gardeners worried about bee populations being on the decline, it may be […]

Bathroom Wall Tile

Bathroom Wall Tile: Porcelain Mosaic  A handsome bathroom wall tile demonstrating a robust range of earthen colors. Porcelain mosaic is a perennial favorite for bathroom wall tile. Bathroom Wall Tile: Listello  Accent strips are simple to install and go a long way toward making your bathroom look awesome. The Colors of Glass Bathroom Wall Tile  Glass bathroom […]