In recent years dinnerware preferences have swayed from perfectly matched sets to eclectic mish-mashed collections. These days plenty of people stack their kitchen cabinets with a variety of one-off ceramic bowls and plates, each a bit more imperfect and handmade than the last. And thank god, because no one really gets excited about giving a set of plain white china for the holidays, right?

If you’re after a few ceramic gifts, good old hand-thrown mugs are always welcome. But there’s also plenty more out there: speckled platters and little garlic pots, pinched-edge plates, modernist teapots, or a sleek tortilla warmer. Read on for a few of our favorite thoughtful and unique ceramic gifts.

Striking servers

One striking serving dish can make a whole table. I’ve had my eye on these three bowls for a while: The graphic dish would go well with any set of off-white plates, making it a versatile gift choice. The second option, by British ceramicist Emma Cerasulo, is a more specific choice—the dramatic deep green speckle is inspired by the landscape in Puglia, Italy. The third, a flat-bottomed platter by Beau Rush, is maybe the most fun of the group—get it for your favorite arty aunt or your grooviest friend.

Handmade Ceramic Serving Bowl

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Emma Cerasulo Large Splatter Serving Bowl

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Beau Rush Lilac Funfetti Platter

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Neutral dinnerware

Here’s a gift for those who like to let their cooking, not their dishes, do the talking. This subtle dinnerware—including a handmade red clay bowl from New York–based design studio Minna and a set of smooth, sand-colored bowls from Our Place—proves that quiet neutrals can still be plenty beautiful. 

Handmade Clay Serving Bowl

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Vietri Incanto Stone Striped Salad Plate

This Italian-made plate has a sweet, dainty ruffled edge, balanced by a deliberate handmade, imperfect look.

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Saturn Ceramic Bowl

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Ceramic Tortilla Warmer

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Our Place Side Bowls, Set of 4

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Coffee and tea upgrades

Every caffeine-reliant person has a favorite mug. Mine is from East Fork, the Asheville, North Carolina, ceramics studio known for sturdy speckled hand-thrown dishes. If you want to go beyond a mug, why not consider a teapot (in either a kooky blue swirl or a subdued tan), a honey pot, or a little clay tumbler that’s just the right size for a cappuccino.

East Fork Mug

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Hasami Teapot

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Studio Arhoj Sup Cup

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A Question of Eagles Mugs, Set of 2

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Handmade Ceramic Honey Pot

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Hay Teapot

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