Coming up with stylish teenage bedroom ideas and designing a room that they love and you approve of can be… tricky. Anything to do with teenagers can be tricky. You want to create a space that reflects their tastes and interests, still is slightly in keeping with the rest of the house, and has longevity so you won’t find yourself redecorating every year until they (hopefully) move out. It’s a lot to ask of a room, and it’s a lot to ask of you and your teen to make these design decisions without inspiration or guidance. But luckily, we have you covered with loads of cool spaces that can help you agree on colors, themes and furniture.

Just be sure to get them involved from the beginning. Create mood boards together and flick through magazines so you can get a sense of what their tastes are and how they would like their space to look and feel. Run any decisions by them to avoid meltdowns when the wrong shade of pink paint shows up or the bedding you ordered just isn’t ‘cool’ enough. Use our gallery of teen room ideas as a jumping-off point…


Colorful bedroom in Edwardian beachside retreat in Kent

(Image credit: Future/ Mark C. O’Flaherty)

Whether you are decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom or a teenage boy’s bedroom, a good place to start is with the color scheme. Again, talk to them, ask them about what colors they like and, if they’ll listen long enough, explain about color pairings and help them choose a couple of colors as the starting point for their color palette.

Personally, we are big fans of the pink and green combo at the moment. It’s fun and fresh and yet if you pick the right tones it doesn’t feel childish as the cool tones of the green balances out the saccharine quality of the pink. The pistachio green walls and blush pink decor of this teen bedroom feel quirky but also grown-up and sophisticated.

‘Extra color can be added into a neutral teenage room in a myriad of ways – all of which can be changed quite easily as the years go by.’ says Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball Colour Curator.  ‘Upcycle an old chest of drawers by painting each drawer in a different color or in a sophisticated gradation of just one color. Start with Inchyra Blue at the bottom and graduates up through De Nimes and Oval Room Blue. Bear in mind that the legs of tables or chairs don’t need to be the same color as the tabletop or chair seat. Bedheads can be personalized or painted directly onto the wall. Shelves cry out for contrasting colors, and the back of bookcases are enhanced with really bright tones, such as Rangwali or Vardo.’


White bedroom with fur throw

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

And if color doesn’t seem to be an easy place to start, just play it safe and keep it neutral. White or greys walls, wooden floors, simple decor can all be a backdrop to whatever style your teen eventually brings into the space. Make it feel cozier with rugs and layers of bed linen, both of which can be switched out to change the look of the room as they grow up and their tastes begin to change. It’s best to start with a versatile base that they themselves can build on over time – plus, a neutral bedroom is timeless so you won’t find yourself having to redecorate with every trend.

‘As teenagers develop, their styles and identities develop too meaning their bedroom could need several restyles from early teens through to later years.’ says Debbie Leigh, Design Manager at ILIV.

‘Starting with a blank canvas is not only manageable but encourages creativity. Keep it simple by painting the walls a neutral tone and experiment using a selection of colorful wall art. Adding coordinating pillows will liven the room whilst keeping costs at bay, an achievable makeover which can be frequently mixed up.’


bedroom with built in office

(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

It may not be as exciting as picking colors or deciding on wallpapers, but having a private space to work is a really important aspect of a teen’s bedroom. Even if they are a tween and serious study hasn’t really entered their world yet, it will only be a few years before a desk is needed, so plan ahead and build onto into the layout of their bedroom.

Pick something that’s practical of course, but make it stylish too and fit with the style of the room. And if space is tight, be inspired by this small bedroom and opt for something compact and narrow that’s built in complete with a desk and storage.

‘Define a desk area by painting it a different color to the rest of the room. Paint a section of the wall from floor to ceiling which is just a little wider than the desk or table used for homework.’ advises Joa. ‘This area should be stronger in tone than the rest of the room, and could even be in Railings or Downpipe, colors that many teenagers crave!  For extra drama use Full Gloss on this section which will bounce some light around and act as a super durable surface for blue-tac etc.’


Teens bedroom with cork board wall

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Let them be in charge of what goes on the wall by turning one wall into a giant corkboard. They can then fill it up themselves with prints, posters, photos, and memorabilia. Not only does it look stylish, with a cool industrial edge, but it also allows your teens to have some creative control that they can switch up as regularly as they like. Plus, boring as it may sound, they are great for study and revision.


Pink bedroom with wooden headboard

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Chances are your teen will spend a lot of time in bed, so put some time into creating the ideal, cozy sleep space. Make the bed the focal point of the room with a statement headboard – this wooden headboard was actually DIYed from old planks and gives this pink bedroom such a coo, rustic edge, bringing in loads of lovely texture.

‘A bed is the dominant feature of any bedroom, it is the focal point and acts as a base to center the rest of your scheme around. An upholstered headboard is an easy way of injecting color and texture into your bedroom.’ advise Jen & Mar founders of Interior Fox.

‘Introduce vibrant colors or earthy tones, these work well against a neutral backdrop while keeping the space light and airy. Add contemporary piping in a contrasting color to the edge of your headboard, this instantly adds a twist to any standard headboard and broadens the color scheme and it’s also a great way for a teen to add personality to their space.’


Teenager's bedroom with photo wall and bubble swing chair

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

What teenager wouldn’t want a swinging bubble chair in their bedroomWe want a swinging bubble chair in our bedroom! It’s statement pieces like this that make a teenager’s bedroom fun and playful because no matter how grown up they act, their space needn’t totally lose its childish side.

Adding in some fun seating also gives your kids and their friends a place to hang out away from the main living rooms. So if you have the space, adding a couple of chairs or a loveseat for a laid-back chill-out area.


Pink bedroom with fireplace and walk in closet

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Much like in a kid’s room, storage is key to designing a teen’s bedroom that is functional and clutter-free. Save yourself the hassle and just make it as easy as possible for them to keep the room tidy. Add a mix of storage – wardrobes, drawers, bins, boxes, baskets and choose furniture that doubles up as storage too so you don’t have to fill the room with too many storage pieces.

‘Teenagers’ bedrooms can soon become overwhelmed with clothes and other clutter, so it is important to think about helpful storage solutions when furnishing their room. Their bedrooms are often the smallest of the house, maximize available space by choosing furniture that has multi-uses.’ says David Norman Director of Furl.  ‘A practical storage bed provides a surprising amount of extra space; perfect for tidying away sports equipment, luggage, out-of-season clothes and general bit and bobs.’


Teenager's bedroom with striped wallpaper and statement bed

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Wallpaper is a really easy, non-permanent way to add in some fun color and pattern to a teen’s room. If you keep the rest of the room fairly neutral, you can just switch up the wallpaper every few years to give the room a totally new vibe without having to completely redecorate.

The bold black and white wallpaper used in this teen’s bedroom has a distinctly rock and roll vibe to it that suits the eclectic style of the room. It’s daring but has an edge of grown-up sophistication to it too, perfect for a teen who loves to experiment with styles.


Shared teen's bedroom with matching beds and artwork hanging above

(Image credit: Brittany Ambridge)

If you are looking for shared bedroom ideas for teens, this space is the perfect example of how to get it right. Keep the room cool and simple, with a minimal, neutral scheme and stylish but classic furniture that matches. The is the perfect base to start with, then each teen can get creative with their side of the room, putting their own stamp on with prints and decor. But because you have that clean base and matching furniture, it will still have that air of cohesion no matter what they throw at it.


Master bedroom with neon lighting above bed

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Loving how sophisticated this teen’s bedroom feels with the textured wallpaper, stylish furniture, and cozy bedding and yet all it takes is a pop of neon lighting to make it feel suitably teenager-esque. It’s like a grown-up bedroom with a twist of something younger and what a cute slogan too – motivational without being too soppy.