Many people love a rustic theme for its natural materials, reused or recycled pieces, and pretty color choices.

When you’re working with a tiny rustic bathroom, there may be limitations on what pieces you want to use to give your room personality and style. However, there are many ways to give your small bathroom a rustic feel without spending a fortune, from the right lighting to the right colors.

Check out our twenty small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget to get a head start on what you can do to decorate your bathroom.

1.Boat Shaped Tree Bark Sink

Boat Shaped Tree Bark Sink

If you’re looking for a unique, chic way to add style to your bathroom without breaking the bank, you’re sure to enjoy the aesthetic of this table-mount boat-shaped sink.

Appreciate the beauty of tempered glass melted into a fun tree bark pattern in gorgeous golden amber color with rich brown undertones. Finish the look with an antique well-shaped faucet in an aged black and a textured gold backsplash with a granite counter in white and brown.

2.Add Some Flair with a Sliding Barn Door

Add Some Flair with a Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are a rustic staple and are a favorite for tons of people looking for small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget.

The natural look of the reclaimed wood frame can look magnificent with knotty honey pine floors and exposed ceiling beams. At the same time, gray plank wainscotting makes the small space look cozy.

3.Try an Over-Mount Farmhouse Sink

Try an Over-Mount Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are fantastic for small rustic bathrooms. The deep basin rectangular sink in a white glaze looks chic and contemporary and can fit on any surface.

The semi-recessed design makes this sink look fantastic as a focal piece of art, and the round corners add safety and a modern touch.

4.Go for a Slim Planked Single Vanity

Go for a Slim Planked Single Vanity
You can make an incredible, rustic bathroom with the inclusion of a farmhouse vanity. In addition, the light color  is perfect for making small bathrooms feel bigger.

While the double door design with diagonal planks will offer discreet storage, and a lower storage drawer adds extra organization.

5.Choose a Glamorous Shiny Mirror

Choose a Glamorous Shiny Mirror

Mirrors are like a secret weapon when it comes to the illusion of making a small area feel more spacious. This antique-inspired mirror features silver moldings and clear acrylic rods.

The beveled edges and engineered back give this mirror a modern feel that feels luxuriously rustic and chic.

6.Pick a Plank with Arched Glass Lighting

Pick a Plank with Arched Glass Lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of your bathroom design. And it’s an amazing opportunity to bring in an extra layer of aesthetic design to your room.

We love this light fixture with valiant bronze track lighting supporting four Tiffany lamp domes, each made up of 184 multi-color pieces for an authentic rustic feel.

7.Hang a Porthole Mirror by a Rope

Hang a Porthole Mirror by a Rope

For an understated rustic bathroom, you can go with a mirror in a simple round shape, like this nautical porthole-inspired piece.

The jute rope hanger adds an extra layer of rustic, while the brown leather-wrapped rim over a metal frame gives a touch of an old-timey industrial feel. Finish the design with a dark plank ceiling, wood shelving, and narrow vanity.

8.Play Around with a Three-Tiered Pipe Shelf

Play Around with a Three-Tiered Pipe Shelf

When considering shelving in a small bathroom, you may vote against a large storage cupboard that takes up a ton of room. Instead, consider a minimalistic wall-mounted storage unit.

We’re in love with the rustic industrial vibe of this three-tiered shelving, with an exposed pipe frame in a natural dark brown finish with three moderate-sized open shelves for holding books, towels, decor, and other small bathroom items.

9.Select a Classic Subway Tile

Select a Classic Subway Tile

Subway tiles are one of the most popular backsplashes used in the bathroom. And nothing is more classic or rustic than a standard white in a small brick pattern.

As this bathroom shows, adding a white subway tile surround to the walls and bathtub gives this small rustic bathroom a bright, spacious feel that’s balanced with the hints of gray.

10.Green Juniper Floral Wallpaper

Green Juniper Floral Wallpaper

Floral prints are another popular design for a vintage rustic bathroom. You can add a few floral prints on the walls around the room.

Or you can get bolder with your design and look for a brilliantly-colored wallpaper. This green matte print with rambling branches and stems holds clusters of pinecones, berries, and hanging moss.