Ever thought of getting a recliner chair for your Dad?

Since I was a little kid, I always saw movies wherein the dad has this huge, black or brown high back accent chair or recliner chair where he sits on whenever he watches TV with the family in the living room. Since then, I thought, dads should have separate chairs from the entire family.

Do you think this way too?

What’s great about the furniture industry right now is that people can buy a single piece of furniture or a chair for that matter. I could remember a time where you have to buy an entire set for your living room, your dining room or for your lawn. All this have changed as time passed and as our design industry has progressed.

If you could relate to what I’m saying, go ahead and check out this thread and share them with your family and friends!

1. Bristol Loop Condo

The Decorators

The brown recliner chair on the top left of this living room is somehow similar to that of the chair you sit on if you visit your dentist except that it is not in white! This space is a nice representation of a masculine space – all colors used in the room are not those that most girls would prefer, but the neutrality of this space is quite inviting and neat.

2. San Francisco Residence

Francisco Bath

Seen in this seating area, which is dominated mostly by browns, oranges, and beige is a pair of recliner chairs with a footrest. I think this space is made prettier by the giraffe seen behind one of the recliner chairs.

3. Villa Nuevo

Villa Nuevo

This is one eclectic living room where we can see different designs of chairs and sofas that were mixed and matched together to create a certain feel to it. This is what I was telling you about buying furniture that is not necessarily done in sets. A technique like this one, which is mixing and matching furniture, is seen more in restaurants or cafes.

4. East Brunswick I

East Brunswick

The crisp and neat look of this living room is attributed to the fact that this space is in a mostly black, brown and cream. I love the fact that this space is minimalistic and great for young adults or for a starting family.

5. Decatur Modern Renovation

Decatur Modern

This artistic space is a haven for people who just want to sit back and relax after an entire day at work or at school. The colors seen in the paintings and color choices for the furniture and decors is sleek and real classy.

6. Herson Project

Herson Project

A beautiful amount of contrast is seen in this lovely living room. I personally like the sectional with a clean edge on one end and a rounded one on the other. The cream recliner chairs on the other side of the room somehow resemble those massage chairs you can usually see in shopping malls.

7. Possum Trot Residence

Possum Trot

A sleek and classic living space with black furniture and contrasting carpet and pillow colors makes this space a modern haven for comfort and relaxation. I like the fact that they used a pair of recliner chairs to compliment the sectional that they chose for this space – it feels like they actually blend together well.

8. Dampier

Dampier Residence

Here is the popular example of a mid-century recliner chair that you can see a lot on this list. This particular design is a common choice because of how accessible and available it is in the market. If you notice, the designs of recliner chairs in the market are not that many.

9. Millenium Tower

Millenium Tower

Here is a similar recliner chair from number 8 on this list. It is in white, but basically the same thing! In this space, because of the color of the walls and the contrast it has with the color of the couch, it makes it a great choice than the brown or black one.

10. Texas Chic

Texas Chic

The design of this recliner chair is quite bulky. I’m pretty sure that it is comfortable and soft to sit on. The goal of making this space as comfortable is very much achieved – enough seating space, a game table, TV and one large window that allows you to see the outdoors.