There’s something so intimidating about staring at a big blank wall. If you’ve moved recently (or, understandably, not-so-recently) and haven’t gotten around to filling your space with art or decor, then check out these 25 beautiful DIY wall decor ideas to break up that blank wall.

From woven wall hangings to wreaths to floating shelves to framed wall art, there’s no shortage of ways to fill your walls with beautiful pieces. And best of all, these ideas are DIY and affordable, though they look high-end and polished.

A DIY Photo Collage

a rainbow photo collage of Instagram pictures

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to finally take some of those cute Instagram pictures offline, try this rainbow photo collage, which will add a pop of intentional color to your walls.

  • A Dreamcatcher


    Minimalist and simple, this modern dreamcatcher looks dreamy and understated on your wall. The white yarn is lovely (and gives a macrame vibe) but you could try this style with something more colorful, too.

    Framed Gingko Branches
    giấy mờ cành gingko vàng đóng khung

    This art looks 100 percent store-bought, but it’s actually pretty easy to recreate at home. The tutorial will show you have to make these beautiful paper ginkgo leaves, though spray-painted faux stems would work too.

    Pressed Flower Art

    hoa ép sau kính

    Who knew you could press flowers in the microwave? This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process, and you’ll wind up with this stunning botanical art that will last on your wall forever.

    A Painted Circle Shelf

    kệ có vòng tròn sơn phía sau
    Almost Makes Perfect

    Add dimension and interest to floating shelves by first painting a circle on the wall. Worried you won’t be able to draw an even circle? The tutorial will show you a clever hack for getting it right.

  • Glam Art

    DIY glam art made with gold paint on white canvas
    Casa Watkins Living

    You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get beautiful art for your walls. This DIY project uses gold leaf paint, and you can even paint over an existing canvas.

  • DIY Fringe Wall Hanging

    A DIY fringe wall hanging in red and tan

    This fringe wall hanging will add texture and color to your walls. It’s made using cotton brush fringe and, while it looks elaborate, it only takes a few hours to make.

    Paper & Felt Wreath

    vòng hoa làm bằng giấy và nỉ trông giống như bạch đàn

    A green wreath that will last all year? Yes, please. This gorgeous paper and felt eucalyptus wreath looks realistic and offers a pop of texture and color on a blank wall.

  • Woven Basket Hanging

    Tự làm giỏ treo tường đan bằng tua rua
    Casa Watkins Living

    Hanging baskets always offer a touch of farmhouse choice, but adding some DIY tassel detail makes these even more beautiful and eye-grabbing.

     Abstract Painting

    Even if you don’t think you’re a great painter, you may surprise yourself if you try a more abstract shape as opposed to, say, a landscape. This tutorial will show you how to layer acrylic paint in an interesting way.

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