10 Incredible Living Rooms with Mirrors

Mirrors create a certain illusion depending on how you actually use it in home design. In today’s home designs, designers are considering more mirrors in the house since it usually magnifies small spaces and allows people to think that a certain space is bigger than it actually is. Since there are a lot of innovation done with mirror design, sometimes picking a certain piece for your house could be tricky.

I won’t be giving you tips in choosing the best design or size of the mirror for your living room, but I will be showing you a couple of spaces that would surely be something worth the look. These spaces are real pretty and with the added mirrors, I think that they turned out perfect. Check out the living rooms below and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Astor Street Residence

Astor Street

dSPACE Studio

Well, this living room sure is already large and adding the large mirrors creates a more larger feel and look to it. The contemporary feeling and design of this living room is just amazing, that inviting friends over is never an issue, especially when they know that your house looks like this!

2. Belvedere

Cranston Belvedere

Brookfield Residential YYC

Here is a longitudinal version of the mirror before this. This mirror sure creates an illusion of the living room being higher than it already is. Adding the mirrors beside the fireplace made it look really symmetrical and pretty. Moreover, what do you think about the grey lounge chair?

3. Brighton House

Brighton House

White Chalk Interiors

The monochromatic look of this Brighton house is just stunning. It’s almost black and white and it’s all the more stunning! From what I usually am able to see, people usually prefer adding large mirrors above a fireplace or a couch – just like in here.

4. Choy Residence 2

Choy Residence

Cary Bernstein Architect

The mirror in here sure is large which covers the fireplace mantle and ends at the ceiling. I love how this one is in fact square in shape and it looks that it actually belongs in there! It’s definitely a perfect fit!

5. Emerson House

Emerson House

Marcye Philbrook

This charming living room is adorned with four small rectangular mirrors above the white large couch. It adds an accent to the plain walls while at the same time creating and illusion of a longer space while looking at the mirrors. I love how this all-neutral space actually looks really pretty.

6. Gallery Flat

Gallery Flat

Victoria Meale Design

Another mantle to ceiling mirror that is just sitting across the lovely vintage chandelier! Looking at this living room, you’d know that they have a thing for beautiful things because they added those cute elephant figures just beside the fireplace.

7. Greenwich Apartment

Greenwich Apartment

Interiors by DAPA

Oh what a stunning living room with the most romantic feel to it! Not just the candle lit in the center of the room but with all the romantic choices of furniture and decoration too. I personally love the ottoman in the middle of the room and mirrors on the wall.

8. Grimsby Home

Grimsby Home

Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

We only see a portion of the couch through the mirrors on the wall and I think that the vintage look of the couch match the vintage design of the chairs by the working table. Combining your work space in the living room is one way of bringing work at home but away from the bed!

9. Kingswood Residence

Kingswood Residence

Luke Cartledge Photography

A while ago, I was talking about a romantic living space and this one is something similar to that. It might be the colors that we see – especially that of the pillow cases; and mind you, aside from looking like a romantic space, this space also embodies what class and sophistication should look like – in a living room!

10. Mott House

Terra Bella

Maison de Reve Builders LLC

The drum chandelier in the middle of the room looks a little small for this space but it surely matches with the color scheme that this space have. The modern fireplace looks incredible and the sectional looks fashionably awesome!