With its eclectic style and warm lived-in feel, bohemian decor is the perfect way to create an effortlessly stylish and relaxed look in your bedroom.

Creating a bohemian style bedroom is easier than you think, as there are no rules when it comes to this decorating style.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve curated 10 gorgeous boho bedroom ideas to help you get that perfect boho chic look in your own bedroom.

1.Eclectic Gallery Wall

Eclectic Gallery Wall

A splash of color works really well in a boho inspired bedroom. The great thing is, pretty much any color will work, so you can choose any color that you love!

The pump pillows and cosy blanket make this bohemian chic bedroom the perfect choice for someone who loves the colour pink. The wall art helps to finish things off perfectly, with colors that complement the choice of bedding beautifully, creating a fun and relaxed design.

2.Rattan Accents

Rattan Accents

White shiplap walls and botanical printed bedding work so well together in this boho inspired bedroom. I love the high ceiling allowing for that beautiful light shade which complements the two rattan bedside tables perfectly.

The room has a natural tone and feel to it, but the blue-green on the bedding gives the room a splash of color, and alongside the other minimal bedroom accessories helps to finish everything off perfectly.

3.A Decorative Rose Vine Garland

A Decorative Rose Vine Garland

Faux plants and vines are a great way to achieve a boho look in your bedroom if you’re on a budget. Simplicity is what makes this room so special, and the tasseled bedding is a great example of how white certainly doesn’t need to be boring

Wooden accents and a moroccan style leather pouf help create an effortlessly stylish look in this minimal bohemian bedroom.

4.Create a Feature Wall With a Tapestry Wall Hanging

Create a Feature Wall With a Tapestry Wall Hanging

An easy way to get the bohemian look is to create a centerpiece on one of your walls just like this gorgeous tapestry. It creates a focal point in the room with which you can bring together the rest of the decor to match.

Neutral bedding with an eclectic mix of pillows complement the colors in the wall hanging, creating a very pleasing look.

5.Vintage Style Curved headboard

Vintage Style Curved headboard

This vintage style curved headboard adds a touch of sophistication to this bohemian style bedroom. It complements the neutral bedding and rust color cushions beautifully.

Everything in this bedroom has a natural feel to it, even the weave style plant pots. The bedroom has lots of natural light which makes the whole room feel welcoming – this would be a wonderful bedroom to recharge in.

6.A Woven Textile Bed Canopy

A Woven Textile Bed Canopy

Creating a safe haven away from the rest of the world and combining boho chic is done perfectly with this gorgeous textile bed canopy.

This canopy can be hung from the frame of a four poster bed or suspended from the ceiling. Either way it will give you cosy vibes in your boho themed bedroom. The floral boho bedding is a great choice and helps to bring the whole look together.

7.Bright, Textured Bedding

Bright, Textured Bedding

This bright bold bedroom goes to show that there is no such thing as too much yellow. The textured bedding helps to give a depth to the room which is matched with the rug on the floor.

The bedside table and lamp team up incredibly well with the rest of the room, which is then finished by the large oval shaped rattan headboard – the perfect boho chic accessory.

8.Add in Some Hanging Planters

Add in Some Hanging Planters

Plants are the perfect way to bring life and energy to your boho room decor. These hanging planters are the perfect finishing touch to this boho themed bedroom.

Plants will enhance almost any interior, but a boho bedroom isn’t complete without a hanging planter or two. Using a variety of different style planters, such as a mix of rattan and ceramic, will help add to the boho look.

9.Washed Cotton Textiles

Washed Cotton Textiles

Washed cotton textiles are a great way to achieve a boho look in your bedroom. Washed cotton is softer than normal cotton due to being treated in the manufacturing process. This gives the surface of the cotton a softer feel and washes out the colour slightly for a well worn, relaxed look.

The combination of bright colored bedding and accessories in this room along with the bold arched headboard make this boho bedroom feel vibrant and alive.

10.Moroccan Hand Carved Bed

Moroccan Hand Carved Bed

If you want to create a centrepiece with a difference in your bedroom, then this moroccan hand carved bed is the perfect choice. This stunning bed features a two toned motif inspired by grand moroccan entryways.

The bed itself might look minimalistic but the craft and design that has gone into it shines out by miles, creating the perfect white bohemian bedroom with natural accents.

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