The dining room wall decor is just as important as any other area in the house, and just as fun to plan! You can get creative, and no matter what your aesthetic is, you can find pieces and styles that will showcase your personal style.

Whether you’re having a dinner party or a get-together, your guests will likely be spending some time in the dining room. That being said; Let’s look at 15 unique dining room wall decor ideas!

1.Find Some Separated Wall Art

Paneled artwork is a great idea to experiment with in the dining room. The creativity of it is having multiple art pieces that tie together to create one, cohesive scene. You can choose any picture or painting that goes with your overall theme and adds beauty to the room.

For example; Find a 4 piece picture or painting and hang it near the entrance to the dining room. This will draw attention, and you’ll most likely get compliments on your new piece of dining room wall decor!

2.Install A Bar Cabinet

The dining room is the ideal place to install a bar cabinet. This is a wall decor favorite for your guests that are 21 and over. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and practical piece that looks beautiful on the wall, and showcases your favorite drinks and wine glasses.

This can also be counted as formal dining room wall decor if you find a classy cabinet that displays fancy or higher priced wine and other drinks you enjoy. A bar cabinet provides easy access to your drinks and looks amazing on your wall!

3.Hang A Mirror

Hang A Mirror

Mirror’s look great in any room in the house, but look especially classy in the dining room. You can choose a mirror with a beautiful gold, silver, or black frame so that it will match the rest of your color scheme no matter what you choose.

A circular or oval shaped mirror will look perfect anywhere on your dining room wall. You could also choose a unique shape if you have a bit of a creative streak.

4.Teal Accents

Teal Accents
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Here’s an idea for those who like a more bold and colorful theme in their home. Teal has become a trending color as of recently, and is being incorporated in more and more homes, clothing, etc

The use of teal brings out a brighter tone in your dining room, and can feel warm and welcoming! Try out a teal accent wall or curtains, and decorate with some quirky pieces to see your dining room really come alive!

5.Purchase A Modern Mural

Purchase A Modern Mural 
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Modernizing your dining room can seem somewhat daunting. Dining room decor has remained traditional and classic in nature for decades. Now is the perfect time to give your dining room a makeover!

Let’s renovate and find a sleek, stylish wall mural to apply in the dining room. Colors such as white and black with classy lettering will do just the trick, and no one else will have a dining room like yours!

6.Pick A Cute Clock


Pick A Cute Clock

A clock is essential to have in your dining room as well as other areas in your household. As well as being able to keep track of time, you can use clocks to express your creativity.

They are another piece of dining room wall decor that have hundreds of styles and colors. If you’re someone who loves to keep up with trends, you can easily find a rose gold clock that will look stylish and modern on your dining room wall.

7.Meddle With Metal

Meddle With Metal

Metal wall art is commonly found in farmhouse style homes, so if that’s your niche, invest in some metal dining room wall art! You can find various metal wall art ideas, but remember to pick a piece that makes sense in the dining room.

You can find a word or phrase that has to do with dinner, eating, or enjoying each other’s company. This will indicate that you picked a dining room specific piece of wall art, and indicate that it was well-thought-out!

8.Add Some Filler Decor

Add Some Filler Decor

As well as picking out specific and intentional items for your dining room, you’ll need to find a few fillers. Hanging dining room wall art must include pieces that are chosen purely for their aesthetically pleasing nature.

Choosing some “random” wall art that you find interesting will fill up space on the wall, so that you don’t have any bare areas. Simply pick out a small piece of dining room wall decor you find beautiful or creative!

9.Another Accent Idea

Another Accent Idea

Speaking of accent walls and colors for your dining room, here’s a timeless theme: Navy and white. A navy accent alongside a sleek, modern white will have a classic feel with a modern touch.

This color scheme hasn’t gone out of style for a reason. It’s beautiful and can be styled so many different ways. You can even add in a few nautical pieces to complete the overall look. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

10.Simple Shelving

Simple Shelving

A simple shelf to store items, or even dining room necessities is a perfect dining room wall decor idea. Additionally, you can choose shelving that ties into the theme of your dining room!

Place a few quirky signs or dining room items on your shelf, and don’t forget; there are so many styles and colors of shelving to choose from. Have fun with it! Choose an accent color or stick with an elegant white.

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