Anything cottagecore is having a major moment right now—think flowy dresses, nature-inspired prints, and yes, all of the adorable home décor. The cottagecore aesthetic is characterized by spaces that celebrate country living, feature florals and other outdoor elements, and appear as though they have been curated over time—anything vintage or antique is a winner.

Cottagecore is all about embracing a simpler way of life, which is something we can all appreciate, especially at this time. Bringing cottagecore style into your own home is quite doable; the style isn’t too fussy and is all about mixing and matching pieces to create a comfortable living space.

Cottagecore is all about embracing a simpler way of life, which is something we can all appreciate, especially at this time.

To help you get started, we rounded up 10 of our favorite cottagecore-style rooms that are just so welcoming and will make you fall even more in love with this aesthetic (if that’s even possible).


Wallpaper Your Hutch

cottagecore hutch

A large hutch is an excellent way to store and display a collection of china or glassware while allowing these pieces to be admired—pretty finds shouldn’t be tucked away behind cabinet doors, after all.

While this rustic piece fits perfectly within the cottagecore aesthetic on its own, we also love the idea of wallpapering the shelves with a peppy floral print for some extra charm and flair. No matter what type of design you choose, you can’t go wrong.


Add Plenty of Florals

cottagecore florals

No cottagecore-style home is complete without the inclusion of florals—bonus points if you can bring in the real thing! No one has to know that your latest bouquet actually came from the grocery store and wasn’t handpicked from your backyard garden.


Draw in Nature with Green Paint

cottagecore decor

Get moody with some green paint and design a little oasis perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. The color green also pays homage to nature, which is a key element of cottagecore style.


Show Off Your Favorite Antiques

cottagecore decor

Cottagecore rooms generally appear collected with plenty of vintage and antique elements present. This space features furniture that has a storied, passed down appearance. Ditch the overly modern accents and stick to the classics to embrace the cottagecore lifestyle.


Let Classic Pieces Shine

cottagecore decor

A bamboo side table adds a natural, traditional touch to this charming space. Once again, fresh flowers also steal the show and add vibrance to this little nook, which looks perfect for kicking back and watching the sun stream through the windows.


Play With Pattern

cottage decor

A room featuring exposed wooden beams is any cottagecore design lover’s dream. Embrace the aesthetic even further by engaging in some pattern play. Incorporate a variety of playful prints on your throw pillows, lampshade, or curtains. Mixing and matching to create a cozy, collected look is what cottagecore style is all about.


Work in Some Wicker


We’re all about some good wicker pieces, and this charming English flat is full of them! Make use of a basket by turning it on the side so that it functions as a unique type of end table in the living room. Just add some fresh flowers, a beautiful garden view, and a sweet kitten.


Incorporate Soft, Romantic Hues

cottagecore decor

Get a bit romantic with soft pinks and blues, as seen in this cheerful vignette. And don’t forget to keep a candle or two on hand for some extra moodiness in your cottagecore home.


Pick Out a Plush Chair

cottagecore decor

A plush reading chair will make you want to sit down with a novel for hours on end and ignore all responsibilities (and we’re here for it). Grab one in a favorite hue and don’t be afraid to pair it with wallpaper in a slightly different color scheme; we love the pink, green, and white present throughout this space.


Get Colorful in the Kitchen

cottagecore decor

Once again, a wooden hutch makes a statement, this time in a cottagecore dining space. To make your display look extra artful, set out your most colorful pieces so on the hutch shelves—who needs art when you have tons of pretty platters? Don’t be too worried about clean lines; a well-stocked, collected look is of the essence here.