Wall decoration is an art that brings back to life the most boring rooms ever. Most people think that it’s an expensive project that is reserved only for big hotels and the who’s who of the society. The truth is, you don’t need to break the bank to make an attractive look of your wall design. And to make your life easier, we have gathered some of the top wall decor ideas just for you.

There are several wall decor products that you can access both in the online and offline stores, which is both an advantage and a drawback. It’s an advantage in the sense that whether or not you operate under a limited budget, you will always find something that fits your pocket. On the flip side, you can get it wrong and buy a design that doesn’t blend with your space.

But since we are here to offer help, that’s no longer a problem. Here are some of the best decorating ideas that will beautifully transform your home. And yes, they’re affordable too.

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Clock Wall Decor Ideas

Clocks are a part of almost every household. So why not make the best out of it by adding some style and innovativeness? Countless wall clock decoration products can make a whole difference to your home’s appearance. When shopping, go for the noiseless and brightly colored ones.

One of my most favorite is the Vangold Frameless DIY Wall Clock decoration. It gives your wall a unique design that is seductively appealing to the eyes. It is the perfect fit for the living room and bedroom and gives your plain wall a shouting look. The fact that it is three-dimensional makes it even more attractive and fit for large size walls. And even if you have a small-sized wall, you can easily adjust the clock diameter, thanks to its frameless design.

The good thing about wall clock decors is that you can always supplement the looks with whichever an idea you have in mind. For instance, you can surround it with a round wood frame, color the numbers, create matching paintings around it, and so forth. There are several other clock wall decor ideas that you can choose according to your personal preference. You should not only limit yourself to the Vangold Frameless Clock alone.


elegant living room wall decor

Canvas Wall Art

Create an attractive environment within your home, office, or business with this breathtaking art. Canvas wall art is suitable for large living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bar, office decoration, among others.

Everybody loves surprises and gifts, and this can be an excellent choice for Christmas, wedding anniversary, your partner’s birthday, festivals, and so on. A close friend or a family member would cherish it for a long time.

Wall hanging such products shouldn’t be a problem at all since it is already hard-pressed with stretcher-bars on compacted wooden frames. It also has a gallery wrapping and hooks plus all the necessary accessories required for hanging. For impressive results, the canvas art should appear slightly off the wall, and at the level of the couch or the bed. You can as well place them above the fireplace.

The quality of the wall décor is second to none, let alone its elegance. It is also very lightweight, thus making it appropriate for any modern and tightly spaced rooms. Lest I forget, maintaining the artwork has been made hassle-free due to its waterproof, UV resistant, and fade resistant design. If you value fashion and elegance at its best, then this is the wall design for you.

Wooden Wall Design

Are you the type that consider yourself world citizen? If so, then this beautifully and innovatively crafted wall art is the design for you.

The wooden world map design is of the most perfect wall decor ideas for your living room. That’s way more than gold or silver. The designer selected high-quality woods to ensure that the art is long-lasting beyond imagination.

Relief maps are manually made in several dignified color schemes and different sizes. Each map has an instruction in the kit which explains how to attach the map to the wall without any difficulties. Moreover, using the special buttons you can mark the countries you’ve already visited.

Keep in mind delivery takes a while, however it’s very worth it. Try this product, and you’ll be impressed by how scenic your house will have renovated.

triangle wood shelves

Wall Shelves

Your office, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen deserves some sort of organization. Are you tired of throwing stuff around the house anyhow? Wall shelves will magically transform your space by arranging the essentials in an organized and vertical shape.

Such wall decor ideas will be a big break, especially those who live in minimal space. Make good use of any unused space above the neck-level and place your items in an easily traceable manner that will save on time. You’ll also be able to keep sensitive stuff out of the reach of children.

The floating shelves are incredibly sturdy, with the support base usually made of metal brackets. They are multipurpose such that they serve as décor, and they can also store décor items such as candles, flower vessels, pictures, etc.

Wall shelves will comfortably pass the test of time as, thanks to their hardwoods and metal reinforcements. Their installation is equally stress-free. You should, however, be careful when drilling the walls and be able to distinguish between the left and the right brackets.

Image: Wooden Geometric

art wall gallery and fairy light dining room decor

Image Collages and Gallery Walls

If you want to keep all your memories alive while giving your wall a unique and elegant look, then you better embrace wall art ideas like this. Here, you have to be very creative on how you frame the image collections because they have to blend to create a good look entirely.

When shopping for a wooden collage frame, settle for one that holds at least five pictures and comes with hanging hardware. A polished tempered shatter-resistant glass is also a must- it gives a clear view of the images, even at a distance. The frames should also have a sturdy backboard to keep the pictures in place.

Show off your success shots, family gatherings, wedding photos, and other memorable events with this gallery wall. You can also display the best of your drawings or art; it doesn’t have to be just photos. Adding a layer of sophistication to your gallery even makes it more appealing. You can surround the images with mirrors, ring bowls, unique serving dishes, beautiful flowers, and so on.

This wall décor idea is arguably the most inexpensive since you do not need the services of an internal designer to bring elegance to your home. You can do it yourself, can’t you?

Image: B R O O K & P E O N Y

TV wall white 3D Panels Décor

3D Panels Wall Décor

Three-dimensional panel walls are like clothes that cover all the scars and bruises underneath our bodies. However, scratchy or indecent your wall appears, 3D panels wall décor is all you need to avert the situation. But do you know some of the features of 3D panel walls? Find out below.

They are so spacious, thus customarily used in large rooms. The panels need space to thrive and portray their design inspiration. Despite being large, they should not cover the whole wall; instead, you should focus them on parts that attract the attention of residents and guests. Their installation is mainly prevalent in living rooms, halls, ceilings, TV background, and bedrooms.

Another feature is spotlighting. Lamps provide the array of lights that blend perfectly with the 3D panels to bring a sense of coziness in the room while echoing the appearance of the panels. You should, however, bear in mind the location of the spotlights to find the right angle that produces the best outlook of the panels.

You should also settle for bright-colored and patterned panels. Color variations and patterns are the distinguishing wall decoration features that interior designers give priority. Even if your preferred colors or patterns are not available in the stores, you can go directly to the manufacturer for a custom-made design.

bohemian Mirrors Wall Décor

Mirrors Wall Décor

If you thought that mirrors only beautify our bodies, then you’ve got to think again. Wall mirrors are the perfect focal points that will attract undivided attention to the residents and visitors. They not only lighten up your room but also create an illusion of an extra room in the background.

Ensure that the mirrors are strategically placed perpendicular to the windows for maximum light reflection in the room.

Mirrors are ideal DIY wall decor ideas that will perfectly supplement the beauty of your living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, etc. They are very safe around children and pets, and waterproof too. Always look out for mirrors with metallic or wooden frames to enhance durability. They come in different shapes and sizes, including geometric, rectangular, circular, windowpane, and so on.

Tip: Place a mirror wall near the entryway to create a more open and consoling environment as you enter your home.

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bohemian Tapestry Wall decor

Tapestries Wall Decorations

Tapestry is the new kid in the block as far as the wall decoration is concerned. Its meteoric rise in popularity shows how bad people crave for elegance and style. The tapestry wall hangings contain bright colors and clear images that are eye-catching and so hard to avoid. Decorate your living room or bedroom with one, and you won’t feel the need to step out of your room. They are also perfect for outdoor such as picnics, beach throws, verandah hangings, etc.

Made of super-soft yet durable material, they are easy to clean and dries faster. When washing the tapestries, please use cold water with zero bleaches. The measures ensure that they remain very durable, wrinkle-free, retain shape, and maintain strength and elasticity.

If you’ve been thinking of warming your friend’s or family’s heart with a gift, this might be a perfect item for that course.

Image: Bohemian Wall Tapesty

living room with Modern brass industrial wall lamps

Decorative Lights

Modern industrial wall lamps tend to be having a fair share of preference when it comes to wall decor ideas. The lamp holder usually has an oil-rubbed finish to give the room a more luminous and gorgeous glow. Mount on top of your bathroom mirror and above the table-level for an incomparable decorative style. Decorative lights are great compliments in virtually any kind of setting.

The window curtain lights are another wall decoration idea. They’re waterproof and come in different modes, which you can alter using a remote control. They make more sense when used during special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and wedding parties. Their color variations and twinkle/flash lightings make these occasions even livelier.

If you live under a tight budget and can’t afford all the fancy lamps and bulbs, there’s a picture-perfect alternative for you. You only need a candle and its holder to decorate your home. The candle holder should be heat resistant, though. It should also be transparent to allow light to pass through it. You can complement its looks by covering it with a woven flower cloth. The only turn-off, in this case, is that you’ll need to replace the candles after some time because they wear out.

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Geometric Metal Wall Decor Pineapple Wall Art

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