10 Beautiful Drum Shade Lighting in Bathrooms

Bathrooms usually have the simplest lighting or lighting fixtures in all the parts of the house – but definitely not on the bathrooms on this list, I’ll tell you that. Of course having a decent lighting in the bathroom is a necessity, but picking a bit more expensive or classy fixture is not; that is not the case in some of the bathrooms that we actually feature here and we surely know well what that is.

Below is a list of 10 Beautiful Drum Shade Lighting in Bathrooms that I think are not only fancy but surely awesome! They both are functional since they surely give light to the spaces and they also create a wonderful and dramatic aura every now and then; also they are dramatic and whenever you think that doing a bathroom selfie is a necessity, having a stunning piece of lighting fixture would definitely do the trick, check out the list below and tell us what you think!

1. 2055 N Fremont

Middlefork Develop

Middlefork Development LLC

This beautiful bathroom sure showcases what a dream bathroom looks like. Awesome vanities, a wonderful tub and a stunning lighting fixture! In as much as this space doesn’t look too large, the mere fact that this has everything we would want in a bathroom seem okay – well, perfect actually.

2. Beaton Project

Beaton Project

Suzanne Nichols Design Group Inc.

This is one larger bathroom than the first one on the list. The colors used in here are really classy and pretty. The drum chandelier may not be too obvious in this photo but it sure is real neat, right?

3. Beverly Hills Traditional

Daleet Spector

Daleet Spector Design

Look at how girly this bathroom is! It may be the printed drapes that the windows have and the pink ottoman which surely makes it all feminine but I think we simply get the vibe when something is actually more feminine or more masculine than neutral.

4. Bryant

Victoria Hardy

Victoria Hardy Interiors

Now, the drum pendant light in this bathroom is something that we actually see indirectly from the mirror – a reflection of how the fixture actually looks like. The browns of this bathroom make it more of a classic than traditional. The fact that the tub is encased in a wooden crate of some sort – it makes it more interesting and really beautiful.

5. Crystal Dwelling

Crystal Dwelling

Turnquist Design

This is one elongated drum pendant lamp. The color and design of this fixture is really sophisticated and it surely looks expensive. The design of this space is quite neat and the thought of a large window is quite weird but I think adding a Roman shade would do the trick.

6. Duvall Creek

Duvall Creek

Purple Cherry Architects

A stunning stand-alone white tub in the middle of the room which is adorned with a lovely drum crystal pendant. If this was a staple in every bathroom, I think that more and more people would be late in actually leaving for their work every day of the week.

7. French Country Luxury Home

Whelan Construction

M.J. Whelan Construction

A unique drum lighting fixture is seen in this bathroom that surely stands out because of the color it actually has. If you notice, the entire bathroom has a different shade of brown against the color of the lighting fixture itself and it just looks wonderful.

8. Hideaway in a Wooded Spa Retreat

Wooded Spa

Drury Design

This stunning bathroom is something really worth the money spent on it. The material used on the walls and the ceiling is quite interesting. Notice how the design of the drum chandelier blends with the color and material of the wall. Pretty weird but pretty.

9. Hillgrove Residence

Hillgrove Residence

Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture

The simple drum chandelier in here is quite charming. It complements and completes the look of this classic neutral bathroom. The design and details of the cabinets in here is something I think people would love even at the beginning of seeing this space.

10. Hollywood Glamour Meets Modern

Hollywood Glamour

Lori Gentile Interior Design

Now talk about an interesting and expensive looking bathroom! I know that the chandelier in here is actually enlarged through a camera angle of some sort, but I think that this one is simple but very stunning – something any chandelier fan would actually love. Matching fixtures and decorations in here is just an added bonus.